This fall semester, our class learned about Latin America’s 19th century. Even though many students have ties of blood or love bonding them to the region, few had ever focused on Latin America’s 19th century before. Almost none learned anything about Latin America when they were in high school. The members of our class could easily put themselves in the shoes of Austin-area high school students who might walk through this exhibit. That was the imaginary audience they had in mind when selecting and explaining the objects displayed here. All of them form part of the Benson Collection’s treasure trove of rare documents, a collection unlike any other in the world.



Este semestre, nuestra clase aprendió acerca del siglo XIX en América Latina. A pesar de que muchos estudiantes tienen vínculos de sangre o de amor con la región, pocos han centrado sus estudios en el siglo XIX latinoamericano. Casi ninguno aprendió algo sobre la región en la escuela secundaria. Los miembros de nuestra clase fácilmente podrían ponerse en el lugar de estudiantes de secundaria en Austin que quizás visitarán esta exposición. Éste es el público que tenían en mente al seleccionar y describir los objetos mostrados aquí. Todos los objetos originales forman parte de la Colección Latinoamericana Benson, una colección sin igual en el mundo.



Recently Added Items

Carta Histórica y Arqueológica


A topographical map of Mexico surrounded by images of landscapes and artifacts of pre-European Mexico.

Engraving of Toussaint Parting From His Wife And Children


Engraving of Toussaint L'Ouverture being taken from his family to be imprisoned by the French during the Haitian Revolution. Toussaint L'Ouverture is…

Panama Canal postcard showing the construction site


A postcard of the 'monster' cranes in the Panama Canal Zone showing the construction of the Panama Canal.