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This map is a genealogy of the New World, a family tree with its cultural roots in imperial Spain. Under the title, three ships representing Columbus’s first voyage with mast and banners symbolizing the native continents of American immigrants. The…

Map shows positions of American and Mexican troops during the Battle of Sacramento. Includes casualties and notes. Relief shown by hachures. Scale not given.

A political map of Mexico surrounded by head shots of Mexican politicians and illustrations of colonial buildings.

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Photos of the military partaking in public services such as guarding trains, bringing in prisoners, driving the ambulance, and the "Servicio Sanitario" carriage portrays the active role that armed med had during the Mexican Revolution.

Letter from British Ambassador Edward Everett to U.S. Secretary of State John C. Calhoun of a translated French newspaper article criticizing the United States' attempt to annex Texas.

Zapata after defeating the federal troops at the city of Puebla, in the state of Puebla, arrived at and occupied Cuernavaca. He remained in charge until Madero arrived after winning the presidential election. These pictures were taken by Upson, who…

Landscape of the region along with the cultivators and workers in a railroad station surrounded by orderly banana farms. The image comes from an album of 77 white and black photographs relating to railroad construction and banana plantation.

Depicting Cuba’s Independence as its own nation after
being Spain’s first and last colony in the “New World,”
M. Carranza included these images among others in his
Souvenir Habana in 1899, directed towards citizens of the
United States…

Photograph of multi-generational campesinos using rudimentary tools to manufacture coffee in Veracruz, Mexico
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