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De Castro writes to the Marqués to inform him of the difficulty in the region concerning the sale of some of his properties.

Print of Fernando VII with Greek-like muses around him, natives and ships behind. Includes a caption written in Spanish by a group of lawyers in Mexico City, declaring loyalty to Fernando VII.

Emilia Serrano, Baronesa de Wilson.jpg
This portrait of Emilia Serrano de Wilson is featured at the front of her novel, Las Perlas del Corazon. This novel follows her travels throughout Latin America and her documents her opinions on the status of women in society.

Two postcards from a collection of Panama Canal papers and postcards about the building of the canal. The first postcard highlights the death toll caused by disease during the construction period. The second postcard shows the entrance to a hospital…

Law passed by the Colombian Republic in 1826 on treatment of the indigenous tribes of Colombia, especially those of Guajira, Darien, and Mosquitos.

A portrait of actor Miguel Lavalle taken in 1890 by Carlos Villalongin, founder of Carlos Villalongin Dramatic Company Records which ran from 1848-1945. Miguel Lavalle is seen here wearing an elaborate uniform and prominently displaying a symbol of…

This letter was written anonymously by a group of liberals in El Salvador in 1843. During this period political stability was an elusive goal due to the weakness of the central government. This letter helps to understand how Salvadorans felt toward…

Colorful trading cards that depict the Cuban War of Independence and the Spanish-American War. Historical actors include Cuban revolutionaries as well as Spanish and American soldiers. The cards chosen are from a set of 36; these particular cards…

In english titled, Manifesto of the Supreme Executive Power, the document is a 9 page manifesto appealing for national unity during the transition from the failed Mexican Empire under Augustín de Iturbide to a Republic.

A legal decree issued by the Federal Republic of Central America stating the federal government's rights with regards to its actions towards citizens.
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